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Top UK Paper Writing Services

For anyone seeking great writing products (students or business/career pros), nothing available will match the quality and service of, a writing service specifically designed to meet UK customers and clients. We make this statement with some confidence, because we have reviewed and evaluated dozens upon dozens of online writing companies and have not found one that offers what this company does.

Our assessment process involves looking at a number of factors – the company website itself, the published evaluations of website review services, and, most important the independent comments and feedback that is provided by actual customers all over the Internet. We collate all of this information and then rate the company in question. This review is a summary of what we have learned about We think it is the best choice of UK customers.

The Results of Our Review Process

Customer Ratings

Without a doubt, the overwhelming feedback from customers is positive. They are pleased with the products they receive and with the responsiveness of company personnel to their questions and issues. They are happy with the guarantees of client satisfaction, the meeting of deadlines, the commitment to follow client instructions, and plagiarism-free writing. The percentage of highly satisfied clients was significantly higher than that for other companies.

Speaking With the Owners

Unlike most writing services, we were able to contact the owners by telephone and interview them directly. They are British citizens with graduate degrees themselves who have spent a long time developing a reputable writing business. They realize that they have a top writing service and attribute it to the following:

  • The writing staff they employ. All are native English-speaking, degreed professionals with years of experience in their writing niches. They only assume projects for which they possess the proper credentials and qualifications.
  • They have a quality control department in place that reviews all written product for quality, originality, and adherence to customer requirements.
  • They continue to expand their writing product line, so that it now includes:
  1. Academic research and writing of any genre and at any level of academic study
  2. Employment search writing – resumes, CV’s, cover letters and any other applicant writing that may be needed
  3. Professional writing projects – grant writing, research proposals, academic presentations, and journal article production
  4. Business writing for busy professionals – plans, projects, presentations, reports, press releases, etc.
  5. Internet-based projects – website design, content writing, social media profiles, marketing campaigns

Customer Support and Security Functions

Customers state the following:

  • They are always able to reach someone by phone, live chat or email
  • They are able to speak with their writers, and it allows them to know that a true professional is working for them
  • They are able to request changes in a written work, without additional cost

We also telephoned the company and spoke with a live person who was able to answer all of our questions – this is rare. Policies

We were pleased to see prominent links to all of the company policies on the site’s home page. We reviewed them and were quite impressed with the detail and clarity they provide. The important guarantees are all in writing as well.

Of particular importance to customers is the guarantee that their personal information is protected and that the company policy is never to reveal the names of its clients to any third party. Most people use writing services prefer not to advertise that fact.

Pricing and Payment Procedures

Prices are calculated as the client fills in the details of his/her order on the order form. Prior to submitting the order, the customer knows the price and that does not change with hidden fees, etc. that some other services sneak in.

As might be expected, pricing falls with the higher ranges for writing services, but the owners state this is essential if they are to keep their great writing staff. We agree.

Discounts are available for new and return customers, ranging from 5-15%

Payment methods are by all major credit cards, e-checks or wire transfer, and a SSL certified third party processes them for security reasons.

We Like What We See

Assignment Mountain has a great business model, committed owners and staff, and the result is a writing company with which customers are thrilled.

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