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4 Things to do in College for Fun That Won't Break The Bank

It's not that there aren't enough fun activities for college students. There are plenty of those. Unfortunately, too many of those activities cost money. Bar hopping, going out dancing, attending sport events, and going to the movies are all great fun. Unfortunately, by the end of the night you can easily burn through a hundred dollars. Most people can't afford to do that every weekend. Some people can't afford to do that once a month. Fortunately, there are fun college games and other activities available to college students that don't cost excessive amounts of money. Here are just a few ideas that we have put together for you. Why not try one of these inexpensive activities, the next time you are searching for something to pass the time. Let us know what you think. We'd also love to hear from you about your favorite things for college students to do.

Cards Against Humanity Night

The makers of Cards Against Humanity dub it the party game for horrible people. In reality, it is a hilariously inappropriate card game that encourages players to combine cards to come up with phrases and statements that are funnier than the the other players. The winner of each 'hand' of this game is determined by a vote of other players, or by a player who has been designated to act as judge for that hand. Cards Against Humanity has quickly become one of the most popular things to do in college. This is partly due to the hysterical fun it adds to any get together, and also because it is cheap entertainment for a Friday or Saturday night.

Netflix Marathon Night

If you are looking for fun and inexpensive things to do at college, why not designate one evening a month as Netflix Marathon night. Get your friends to agree on one series that none of you will watch until you are together. Then, meet once a month in somebody's dorm or apartment for a night of binge watching, snacks, and beverages. That's a night of fun for a group of people that costs less than it would cost for two people to go to the movies. Just be sure to avoid spoilers!

Volunteering at The Local Animal Shelter

Playing with cats and dogs is great for improving your mood and helping you get rid of stress. In fact, the effect is so strong, that colleges are allowing groups to bring in cats and dogs for students to play with, and they do it specifically because of the mental health benefits. One thing that college students can do for free is experience this same joyful experience any time they want. Animal shelters love having volunteers come to play with the animals and help out around the shelter. The interaction with people helps animals to become more used to human contact, and easier to adopt. This is a great way to spend a few hours each week without spending any extra money.

Arts and Crafts Night

If your college has a school of art, if there is a community arts center nearby, or if there is an art museum in your area, they may have arts and crafts nights that are open to the public. These are usually quite inexpensive and loads of fun. You can get together with your friends and paint, sculpt, make jewelry, or craft modern objects of art. Many of these classes cost less than ten dollars per person and that includes supplies. If your group is over 21, you may be able to bring in your own bottle of wine to share. 

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