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The Best Ways to Cheat on a Test

We’ve all been there. We just didn’t have time to study for that test, and the only way to get through it will be to devise some way to cheat – at least enough to get “C” and at save our course grade somewhat. We all also know the normal, standard ways of cheating – sitting behind someone who is smart and trying to get a side view of their test, writing notes on our body parts and then wearing long sleeves or, in the case of females, a short skirt, or hiding scraps of papers in pockets and up sleeves. Most instructors are also familiar with these ways of cheating too, so they will be looking for them. Your goal is to find more unique ways to cheat. Here are a few that clever students have come up with.

The Water Bottle Trick

Most instructors will allow a bottle of water to be brought into a test. The night before, however, you have removed the label and written your cheat sheet information on the inside of the label. Now you just wrap that label tightly around the bottle again, and secure it with glue where it overlaps. Just be careful to get it on a straight as possible. At the start of the test, drink the water down far enough to see your cheat sheet, and you are all set.

The Headphone Trick

A lot of teacher won’t allow headphones into a test because of the opportunity to cheat by having recorded lots of information to listen to during the test. Here is one of the most creative ways to cheat on a test using those earbuds. Run the earbud wire up your sleeve and bring it out your neck. Put the earbud in and then rest that side of your head on your hand with your elbow on the desk.

The Band-Aid

This is a good cheating tool if you don’t have a lot of information you need to write down. However, there are large sized Band-Aids which you use too. Write your notes on the inside of the Band-Aid, and then just lift is up as you need to.

Get a “Partner in Crime”

One of the best ways to cheat on a test is still the old partner method. Now, if you both have the inclination, you can divide up the study material, so that you each only have to study half of it. You sit across from one another for the test. And you have developed a sign language in advance. Here is the way that goes:

  • Laying your palm flat on your desk, give the number of the question you need the answer to with your fingers. So, #22 would be two fingers followed by 2 fingers.
  • Your partner gets the number and then provides the answer, with hand down on his/her desk, extending 1 finger indicates “A;” 2 fingers indicates “B,” and so forth.
  • For true-false questions, a fist is true, and open palm is false.

The Napkin Method

Instead of bringing Kleenex to class, bring a napkin. On that napkin are written your notes. During the test, bring out the napkin and use it to blow your nose, looking at your notes as you do. No instructor is going to want to touch that napkin to check up on you. At the end of the test, be sure to wad up the napkin and put it in your pocket. Carry it out of the class with you and dispose of it somewhere else.

The Teacher’s Guide Method

Lots of teachers take their quizzes and tests straight from their teacher’s guide or edition of the text. Try to get a copy of the teacher’s edition. You then have the perfect cheating method, because you don’t have to sneak anything into the classroom with you.

The Online Portal Test

Many professors have become a bit lazy, and maybe they actually don’t care much about test scores. They put their tests online so that students can access them through their portals and take the entire test online and the submit it. Sometimes, these tests are timed so that you don’t have time to look up the answers. That’s okay. You and a partner just arrange to divide up the tests, so that you only have to study for every other one. Then you take each other’s tests.

Cheating has been around as long as there have been tests in schools. It is unlikely that it will ever be eradicated, because students will always find clever new ways to get away with it. and those ways will always be shared.

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